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Murphy Lighting Systems was founded in 1979 as Murphy Associates, a representative specialist company. Our expertise is performance lighting, staging and rigging systems; and architectural lighting control systems.

During our first 17 years, we specified, furnished and supported systems for theaters, television & motion picture studios, schools, churches, theme parks, hotels, and conference and convention centers in the southeastern United States and the Caribbean.

We incorporated in 1991 and changed our name to Murphy Lighting Systems to better convey what we do as a company. In 1996, we established our service department to commission systems and to provide the best service possible.
In 1997, we changed direction to better serve the needs of our clients as a systems integrator and dealer. The digital era has given our industry many specialty products which need to be incorporated and integrated into the lighting systems.

We continue to grow in size and in our capacity to provide a wide range of products, support and service, from simple to very sophisticated performance lighting systems and architectural lighting control systems. We have provided and currently service some of the largest digital network systems in the country utilizing DMX and Ethernet control over conventional networks, fiber optics and wireless systems.

In 2008 we moved into our new and expanded facilities. The enlarged office, service and warehouse space has allowed us to efficiently provide expanded services to our customers. We continue working with our vendors and customers providing new technologies such as LED lighting and app based control solutions.

Murphy Lighting Systems is an Authorized Service Center for the major manufacturers of dimming and control systems. We maintain the largest service center and parts inventory in the eastern United States, offering 24/7/365 service.