Your dimmers may not have to be replaced just because they are old. You may have an option to replace the control electronics in your dimming system, and simply change module types to accommodate new technology like LED lighting fixtures, saving thousands of dollars and eliminating the downtime required for complete replacement!

When the Orange County Convention Center decided to upgrade the dimming and control system in their East/West facility, they decided not to replace the dimmer racks.  Instead, OCCC relied on Murphy Lighting Systems to replace the control electronics in 66 dimmer racks, using the Johnson Systems CD-3000 retrofit processor.

Advantages to upgrading your system:

‣    Much less expensive than full system replacement

‣    Saves dollars that can be spent on more "hands on" equipment, like lighting fixtures

     and control consoles

‣    Downtime is reduced from several days to a few hours
‣    Smoother dimming with a faster response time
‣    Current technology

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